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24 July, 2013

Ice cream & balloon

Following Tutu Camp, on our way home we stopped at Ghirardelli Square.


At the Academy of Sciences.

Snail race

19 July, 2013

Margot learning

On the Learning Tower.

Tutu Camp

17 July, 2013

Walking or crawling

Both. Margot still crawls about half the time as she is an expert crawler.

Where's Margot?

At the sink, ready to brush her nine teeth.

Beach or dentist

Matilda looks calm at the dentist.

16 July, 2013

Angel Island

14 July, 2013

Hugs & kisses

Matilda & Mia.


The Abram's.

Angel Island

12 July, 2013

Rocking out

11 July, 2013


Before our flight home.

10 July, 2013

Nice view

Enjoying the view with Margot in the carrier (too low to be in the pic) and Matilda.

09 July, 2013


Margot makes car noises at 16 months old.

Rocky Mountains


08 July, 2013

Sick day

06 July, 2013


On the porch.

05 July, 2013

Colorado cousins

04 July, 2013

02 July, 2013

Our new home

And red woods.

01 July, 2013

New shoes

Margot's first pair of puppies.

Super Matilda