Matilda's birthday ticker Margot's birthday ticker

09 December, 2018

01 December, 2018

Ho ho ho!

04 November, 2018

27 October, 2018

16 October, 2018

23 September, 2018

Moose puppet

16 September, 2018

On the tube

Matilda turns 10

03 September, 2018

Every day

Start & finish of 5K

Hot and hilly Hampstead Heath Run in July.

London flat

Margot’s UK artwork

27 August, 2018

Everything is better with sprinkles

The world according to Margot.

25 August, 2018

All about hamsters

Margot is reading all about hamsters to us in the hope we buy one.

24 August, 2018

First day back to California school

Look, Ma, no uniforms!

25 July, 2018

Last week of UK school

Matilda is happy to be done with uniforms, but we will miss them.

Margot's first tooth

Margot made a nice note for the tooth fairy, and a tiny bag to contain her first tiny tooth, all nicely wrapped in ribbon.

18 July, 2018