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31 March, 2009

More play

More colorful play.

30 March, 2009


So many things to grab and play with, including the camera.

29 March, 2009


Matilda helps Matt make pancakes for Mom.

28 March, 2009

Mati & Matt

Dad and daughter practice their sitting.

27 March, 2009


Matilda has learned to scoot backwards. Little does she know that she is actually sweeping the floor.

Thanks, Mati.

26 March, 2009


Another favorite pic. It sort of looks like Mati's flying. She likes when we fly her around.

25 March, 2009

Say what?

Not sure if Mati is saying, "Pick me up" or "Argggh, I'm a zombie."

24 March, 2009

Happy baby

Saying Matilda is a happy baby is an understatement. She's our little Golden Gate Girl.

23 March, 2009


These photos elicited an "ohhhhh" from both Matt and me.

22 March, 2009

Super Dad

While I was in Michigan, Matt was an Amazing Dad. He's actually a Super Dad when I'm in California as well.

Not only did he go to my Golden Gate Moms Playgroup with Matilda, but he also took some great photos of Matilda. Over the next few days, we will post a few of them.

21 March, 2009

Looking up

Things are looking up. Mom's home and everything's getting back to normal.

20 March, 2009

200th post

For our 200th post, Dad is holding down the fort while Mom travels to Michigan for a conference. This is my first time caring for Matilda for 24 hours by myself. Well, 57, but who's counting! And this is Kristin's first time being away from Matilda for over 5 hours.

Matilda's taking a nap after we've dropped off Mom at the airport. I think I have the better deal.

19 March, 2009

Sitting with pup

Matilda is still perfecting her sitting. She does a great tripod although occasionally falls forward. The bed and her pup provides a soft landing.

18 March, 2009


Matilda is really enjoying her winter squash and rice cereal.

17 March, 2009

Up close

Matilda doesn't know how to react to a camera directly in her face. Sometimes she tries to bite it, other times she tries to grab it, but here she's just being cute.

15 March, 2009


Happy Birthday, Grandpa!

We look forward to celebrating in a couple weeks.

14 March, 2009


Matilda and her friends pose for a group photo.

13 March, 2009

Little girl

Although still such a little girl, Matilda is getting heavy.

12 March, 2009


Matilda can now roll from back to tummy AND tummy to back.

11 March, 2009


After a good meal, Matilda decides whether to eat her bib for dessert.

10 March, 2009

Taking a break

Matilda takes a break from tummy time.

09 March, 2009


Mati is proud (and excited) that her Dad is a geek. Little does Matilda know that Mom is as well.

08 March, 2009


Although the swing is still too large, Mati will grow into it.

According to the doctor, she's now 15 and a half pounds.


Matilda sets off on her first swing.

05 March, 2009

Tum tummy two

Mati enjoys being on her tummy so much that she is now rolling over to her tummy from her back.

Unfortunately, she doesn't know how to roll back.

04 March, 2009

Tum tummy

Matilda actually enjoys tummy time now.

03 March, 2009

Dad & Mati

Matilda models her wine onesie. She's a 2008 vintage grown in California.

02 March, 2009

Grandma, Mom, & Mati

While on the phone with Grandma, Matilda hangs out and listens.