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31 December, 2009


Besides bees, Matilda has to watch out for wolves.

The Randall Museum is full of surprises.

This pic was taken in September and lost in my iPhone.

30 December, 2009


Matilda realizes that there is a live hive behind her.

29 December, 2009


These pics are from early fall when Mati was just learning to walk.

These were taken in October when she was still stumbling and getting comfortable in her shoes and with her shadow.

28 December, 2009

Sippy cup

Matilda has mastered the sippy.

27 December, 2009

So happy

Matilda gets pretty excited when she is able to climb. It's the getting down bit that she is still learning.

26 December, 2009

Be back

We'll be back to visit Muir Woods again.

25 December, 2009


Among the giant Christmas trees.

Mati arches back to see the tree tops.

24 December, 2009

Merry Muir Woods

Merry Christmas from Muir Woods!

23 December, 2009


Matilda now enjoys playing with toys that she can push and ride.

22 December, 2009


Matilda's first masterpiece.

21 December, 2009

Big Shoes

Matilda has some big shoes to fill.

20 December, 2009


On a cold (50 degrees F.) California day, Mati wears her mittens. Maybe they are gloves. No finger or thumb part. More like socks for baby hands.

19 December, 2009

Sleeping baby

Here's a cute sleeping pic from Matilda's one one-hour nap. She still sleeps on me after nursing. It's my one hour of quiet each day.

18 December, 2009

Holiday party

Matt and I enjoyed a night out at his annual holiday party. Our big heads seem to be blocking the Christmas tree.

16 December, 2009

So excited

Matilda gets so excited when Daddy gets home from work.

12 December, 2009


Daddy and Mati play airplane.

11 December, 2009


Matilda offers a great back tooth shot showing her giant teeth coming in on the top and bottom, both sides. Yet, Mati is still a very happy toddler.

10 December, 2009


Matilda makes the "rrr" sound when she wants us to read a book. She also waves the book around which tells us it's time for a story.

09 December, 2009


Mati rests her head near seven before continuing on to eight and nine.

08 December, 2009


Matilda receives an important call.

06 December, 2009


We think Matilda enjoys Rocky.

05 December, 2009


Matilda acts as Sommelier or a toddler who likes to explore and play.

04 December, 2009


We are thankful for....

03 December, 2009

More happy

02 December, 2009

Happy, sad

Teething brings many emotions and lots of drooling.

01 December, 2009

Ten teeth

Matilda's tenth tooth is on its way.

30 November, 2009

Rocking chair

Although Matilda no longer uses her chair as a rocker, she loves climbing into her chair to sit and watch Sesame Street.

28 November, 2009

More hats

Same hat, different day.

Plus slippers!

27 November, 2009

Sad hat

One too many pics and this is what we get. Such a sad hat. Once I put the camera down, her smiles returned.

26 November, 2009

Thank you

Besides slippers and Sesame Street (Mati is pointing at the TV), Matilda is thankful for her family and friends.

Happy Thanksgiving!