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30 April, 2010


Matilda likes to garden. Here she is watering some onions. She just needs to watch out for the snake.

29 April, 2010

No pictures please


Now that Mati is bigger and heavier, it's easier for us to carry her on our back. She also seems to enjoy it.

27 April, 2010

Last week

When not feeling well....

This week, we are all feeling better.

26 April, 2010


Matilda soup.

25 April, 2010

Kitchen renovation

Matilda is busy rearranging the kitchen. This project takes Mati several days to move things around and take everything out. We are still finding utensils and pots around our home. Needless to say, Matt has installed more latches.

24 April, 2010

Around the world

Matilda, Matt, and I saw the sailboats sail out of the bay on their way down to Panama and continue on their race around the world.

21 April, 2010

Chocolate milk

At a friend's birthday party last week, Matilda enjoyed her first chocolate milk.

20 April, 2010


Mati has some big shoes to fill.

Of course, she still loves hats and puts them on herself.

19 April, 2010


Matilda is learning to write solid code, like her Dad.

Makes for a good bedtime story.

18 April, 2010

All better

I, too, was a bit under the weather this week due to a small procedure involving a vacuum and a hospital gown. What an amazing combination!

Like Matilda, I am feeling much better.

17 April, 2010

Slightly sick

Although not feeling well this week, Matilda still shares a smile. The smile may actually be for the Wonder Pets.

16 April, 2010

All clean

Matilda is squeaky clean following her bath. Notice the water has already drained from the "tub." She demonstrates her cleanliness by smelling her foot and giving a big and mischievous smile.

13 April, 2010

Holding hands

I like when Matilda grabs my hand. It's often when she wants to show me something, though sometimes, it's just because.

12 April, 2010


Besides hats, Mati likes slippers. Although she has grown out of her Winnie the Pooh slippers, Mati likes to help Daddy with his slippers.

11 April, 2010


Matilda gets very excited when she does get her hat on the right way. You can even see in the pic that she is saying, "hat!"

10 April, 2010

Hats on

Just like bunny ears (see below), hats can be a challenge.

08 April, 2010


Matilda catches her balance on the curb.

Bunny ears

Matilda tries to put on her bunny ears.

07 April, 2010


Matilda plays with Aunt Tiff and Uncle Shaun at Sprout.

06 April, 2010

20 months old

Matilda and I on Easter, also her 20th (month) birthday. We saw the Easter Bunny and played with eggs at a friend's place. Mati was a bit under the weather that day.

05 April, 2010

Hop, hop

Actually swing, swing. Matilda was swinging back and forth while I held her in the Ergo. She was playing peek-a-boo with Daddy, Auntie Tiff, and Uncle Shaun.

04 April, 2010

Egg hunt

Matilda's first egg hunt sans basket. It was actually a Spring Festival. Nonetheless, Mati liked carrying around her hard-boiled egg, saying "Hi!" to the baby animals, and spending time with Dad at work.

03 April, 2010

Sailing, sailing

Matt returns from sailing around the Bay.

While Matt was rolling up the sail, Matilda walked around the dock with her bear.