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29 November, 2013

Tree lighting

At Ghirardelli Square.


Margot still sucks her thumb. Matt joins her occasionally.

Happy Thanksgiving!


26 November, 2013

Not a slide

Don't tell Margot that a neighbor's inclined path is not a slide. She "slid" down it several times.

21 November, 2013


Margot's new scooter. Weeeeee.

Academy of Sciences

With Margot and my friend Bridget.


Cinnamon toast in the city at Trouble Coffee.

17 November, 2013

New pink scooter

Matilda draws a picture of her new pink scooter.

Tire swing

14 November, 2013


A happy commute.

13 November, 2013

Pups on swings

Margot is adorable but the swing is really gross and her little pup shoes seem to agree with me.

Bike rack or play thing

The answer is play thing. Everything is a play thing.

12 November, 2013

Our family tree

According to Matilda.

Firefighter Margot

10 November, 2013

Kidz love soccer

Matilda just liked it a bit.

Car seat

Matilda entertains Margot in the backseat.

Smart shadow

08 November, 2013

Just waiting

For the POP!

07 November, 2013

Baby Shirley

Margot looks like Grandma Shirley when she was a baby.

04 November, 2013


02 November, 2013


At the airport and then flying home.

01 November, 2013

Hello, Levi

Not even in the door and Levi is already sharing his toys with Margot.