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30 November, 2009

Rocking chair

Although Matilda no longer uses her chair as a rocker, she loves climbing into her chair to sit and watch Sesame Street.

28 November, 2009

More hats

Same hat, different day.

Plus slippers!

27 November, 2009

Sad hat

One too many pics and this is what we get. Such a sad hat. Once I put the camera down, her smiles returned.

26 November, 2009

Thank you

Besides slippers and Sesame Street (Mati is pointing at the TV), Matilda is thankful for her family and friends.

Happy Thanksgiving!

25 November, 2009


Matilda enjoys wearing a hat from the time she wakes up until bedtime.

Although I think her favorite hat is the pink one from the previous post, here she is wearing my Stroller Strides hat.

24 November, 2009

Wash, wash

We always wash our hands when we get home.

23 November, 2009

Mommy & Mati

We don't have many pictures together. I'm usually taking all the photos. I think we are starting to look more alike.

22 November, 2009

More leaves

Before raking, Mati and I talked about leaves. Previously, she was a bit apprehensive about them.

21 November, 2009


While in Michigan, Matilda helped me rake leaves. They should make one handed rakes.

20 November, 2009


Mati reads a book while in her peace sign pajamas.

15 November, 2009

All grown up

About six months ago, Matilda and her friends posed for their first picture together. Today, they are all one year old, more or less. Can you match the baby picture to the toddler pic.

13 November, 2009

This one

Looks like Matilda has made her choice, until she sees the gourds.

12 November, 2009

Going up

Matilda mastered the stairs over Halloween. She is great at climbing up.
Over Christmas, we will work on going down.

11 November, 2009

Shoes on

Matilda now walks over to the door when she wants to go outside. She also hands us her shoes after trying to put them on herself.

10 November, 2009

Shopping cart

Grandma Smart made Mati a shopping cart cover to keep her comfortable and protect her from germs. She seems to enjoy it!

06 November, 2009


Grandpa and Grandma Smart took Mati and I to a cider mill, where they also had pumpkins. And gourds. A lot of gourds.

05 November, 2009


Early morning on Halloween, Matilda dressed up as a pumpkin. Notice her pajamas underneath.

This year the costume fit her much better than last year.

There is still room to grow. Maybe Mati will dress up as a pumpkin every Halloween.

04 November, 2009

Rest in peace

Matilda rests on Missy and Brad's lawn/graveyard.

03 November, 2009

Hair and eyes

Matilda's curls and big brown eyes were very popular with the family. Curls run in my family though skipped me more or less. Matt and I both have the brown eyes.

02 November, 2009


While Matilda played with her new toy, I quickly looked over the instructions to see if we could turn the volume down or off. A very important feature.

01 November, 2009

Great Grandma

While in Michigan, Matilda enjoyed spending time with Great Grandma, Grandma, and Grandpa.

It's difficult to get a family pic with everyone looking at the camera at the same time. Instead, all eyes were on Mati.