Matilda's birthday ticker Margot's birthday ticker

25 January, 2015


Still not sure what Margot and her friend were doing with the redwood at playschool, but they were having fun. It was also pj day.

Colorful quilt

A big, colorful thanks to Aunt Beth for the beautiful quilt. Margot was naming the colors, not all correctly but nonetheless naming them.

New crayons & coloring pad

Matilda breaks in her new art supplies. Thank you, Aunt Beth!

Good morning!

After sleeping in.

Hide & go seek

Margot covers her eyes and counts as her friend hides behind the tree.

15 January, 2015

B-day cake

The girls and I sing Happy Birthday three times so each of us gets a turn at blowing out the candle on my leftover cake from work.

01 January, 2015


Oldest and youngest with my sister.