Matilda's birthday ticker Margot's birthday ticker

28 December, 2012

Sister hugs

27 December, 2012


Sweet dreams for Matilda and Lucy.

26 December, 2012


Margot learns to crawl at Christmas time.

Margot and the boys

24 December, 2012

Merry Christmas Eve!


23 December, 2012

Smart dinner

With cousins in Kzoo.


Girl and boy.

21 December, 2012

First tooth

Margot shows Matt her first tooth.

Good travelers


Wiener Mobile and Matilda in a bun.

Morning exercise

Let it snow

In Michigan.

15 December, 2012

School performance

Matilda's first school performance.

11 December, 2012


10 December, 2012

Morning nap

07 December, 2012

Happy baby

04 December, 2012

Nap #2

03 December, 2012


A few of Matilda's favorite things displayed in her room.

01 December, 2012

Holiday party

With a James Bond theme.

Trees & sleighs

Mati creates a Christmas tree with a cone, frosting, and candy before flying home in Santa's sleigh.


Of all the choices at the pottery studio, Matilda chooses and paints her first unicorn.

29 November, 2012

Dear Santa

Matilda writes her first Christmas list all by herself except for a little spelling help from Mom and an example of G and 2.

Sweet dreams

For Margot.

27 November, 2012

Ghirardelli Square

Posing by the Christmas Tree at Ghirardelli Square.

26 November, 2012

Pumpkin muffins

Making pumpkin chocolate chip muffins. Waiting for them to bake. Deciding which one to eat first.


23 November, 2012


Mia & Matilda

Matt & Margot

22 November, 2012

And then...

Walking off the Thanksgiving feast.


I am thankful for pumpkin pie with friends.

21 November, 2012

Big hugs