Matilda's birthday ticker Margot's birthday ticker

31 October, 2012


Lion and Princess.


Off we go.

All dressed up

30 October, 2012


Matilda's last day at Treehouse.

29 October, 2012


Two silly faces and forty pounds of rice.

28 October, 2012


27 October, 2012

Matt & Margot

Matt & Mati

Working on crafts at Randall Museum's Halloween Fest.

26 October, 2012

Click, click

Margot likes to make a clicking noise with her tongue.

25 October, 2012


Smiles from Mati and her ghost.

GGMG Halloween Party

Another fun time at the Golden Gate Mothers Group Halloween Party.

21 October, 2012

Sunday morning


19 October, 2012


Blowing bubbles. Nose bubbles.

16 October, 2012

Sweet dreams


For Margot.

14 October, 2012


Lots of parties this month. Here Mati poses with friends she has known for 3.5 years.

12 October, 2012

Building bridges

Matilda and Emma build bridges between the U.S. and U.K.

10 October, 2012

Big fish

At the Academy of Sciences.

09 October, 2012

Seven months old

Happy 7 months to Margot!

08 October, 2012

Darth Vader

Grandpa Joe, Matilda, Darth Vader, and Margot.

07 October, 2012

Blue Angels

Watching the Blue Angels from Tiff's roof. The girls wore earphones to protect their ears. Amazing show.

Family photo

All four of us although Matilda is slightly sliding down and being silly. Nonetheless, we are all smiling.

05 October, 2012


Enjoying the sunny weather.

Matilda also learned how to balance rocks by the warming hut with some new friends:

03 October, 2012

Grandpa Joe

And Margot.