Matilda's birthday ticker Margot's birthday ticker

27 August, 2013


Portrait of Pella, Matilda's Bunny.


All of Matilda's friends are turning five years old. Birthday parties equal cake for kids (and beer for parents.)

23 August, 2013

Bus stop

Margot and I walked over to the bus stop to meet Matilda. This was Mati's first school bus ride. She had another great day at school.

22 August, 2013


Margot is like Linus, she always likes having her blanket.

First day of school

Matilda is excited to start Kindergarten.

20 August, 2013

Margot & Matilda

1.5yo and 5yo. And Bunny.

18 August, 2013

Sunday morning

Scooted to playground in our new neighborhood.

15 August, 2013

Hand in hand

Trying to find a new playground in Palo Alto.

Eee eee ee

Margot asks Dolphin for a ride.


Hug before biking to work.

13 August, 2013


Happy Anniversary to the best husband!

12 August, 2013

Grandpa Joe

11 August, 2013

Happy & Grumpy

And then some tickle smiles.

08 August, 2013

Margot's favorite things

Two things Margot loves doing:
Sitting on her sister's lap, even on the airplane
Building towers, with cups, blocks, or anything available


Matilda took a few pics of herself with my phone as well as a dozen of Pella.


With Margot and Grandma.

Happy 5th Birthday (again)

Matilda's third birthday cake. Thanks, Aunt Jen.

04 August, 2013

Happy 5th Birthday!

To Matilda. Our big girl.

02 August, 2013


At the Discover Museum with Mia Bo Bia.

Big bubble

At the Summer Picnic.


Before the move.

Lean on me

At our old place.