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30 November, 2008

Fatty Mati

Mati is gaining more weight, especially in her cheeks.

While sleeping on Matthew, you can see her chubby cheeks all squished up against him.

29 November, 2008

Big head and little arms

Couple things to note in this photo:
  1. Matilda's wearing cute polka dot pants.
  2. She likes the pic of the "smiling" dinosaur.
  3. Like the dinosaur, Mati has "a big head and little arms."

28 November, 2008

Turkey day

Mati celebrates Thanksgiving by taking a nap before, rather than after, the feast.

Thanks to Chris for cooking up a delicious dinner.

I wish I had a pic of the turkey. Picture Chris holding the turkey instead of Matilda. They were close to the same size although I think the turkey was bigger.

Finally, Matt accomplished another Daddy duty by having the honor of carving the turkey. Mmmm...turkey.

27 November, 2008

Gobble, gobble

Matilda learns that cow doesn't taste as good as turkey on Thanksgiving.
Notice her face when she takes a bite and listen for the moo.

Happy Thanksgiving!

26 November, 2008

Boy or girl

Funny how blue identifies baby boys and pink baby girls.

Here Mati looks like a Matt in her blue onsie before changing to a girl with her stylish pink headband.

Thanks to Dave for the company onesie and Grandma for the girlie headband.

Pumpkin pie

On the way to the grocery store, Matilda was wide awake in her pumpkin hat.

On the way home, after buying the makings for pumpkin pie, Mati fell asleep.

23 November, 2008

While we wait

More from this week's visit at the pediatrician.

While waiting for the doctor, we taught Mati how to play a couple games. Matt seems to be winning the game, "Who can hold up their head the longest." Matilda is winning the game, "Pull my finger."

22 November, 2008

This big

While at the pediatrician, Matilda points out how tall she is on the ruler.

Matt adds his hand to the photo for a little perspective.

21 November, 2008


Matilda models her moose outfit with her moose-loving dad.

Big feet, little feet

Auntie Tiff showed Matilda what her feet would look like in twenty years.

Between now and then, that's a lot of shoes.

It's also many miles of running if Mati follows in her parents' footsteps and likes to run.

20 November, 2008


Matt thinks that Matilda may not be a future vegetarian as she seems to enjoy gnawing on her moo cow. Or are those kisses?

19 November, 2008

Good sleeper

Matilda is sleeping through the night. She gives us a six to eight hour stretch followed by another two before we get up and start the day.

Mati also kicks out of her swaddle and greets us in the morning by waving her arms.

18 November, 2008

Rock and roll

Mati loves to rock and roll in her rocking chair.

When not distracted by the bird perched beside her, Matilda gets rocking by kicking her legs. See the fuzzy action shot.

17 November, 2008

Taking a dip

Matilda enjoys a dip in the pond (kitchen sink) for a quick bath after exceeding the limit on her diaper.

I think she is ready for the next size up in swaddlers, from 1-2 to 2.

Poo heart

Mati drew us her first picture. It's a cute little heart drawn in poo on her back. Here Matt is helping Mati model it for us.

13 November, 2008

More photos

The easiest (and often cutest) photos to take are of Mati sleeping.

12 November, 2008


Matilda is making it easier for us to take photos of her.

Here she looks at the camera before looking away.

11 November, 2008


Matilda's ear folds when she lays on it. Fortunately, it also unfolds.

10 November, 2008


Mati has discovered her feet. They are her new toy.

She also likes the bird on her rocker, although at the moment, her feet are more exciting.

08 November, 2008


Matilda likes her moo cow. It actually moos three times when squeezed.

07 November, 2008

Strike a pose

Mati and I often enjoy a walk around the neighborhood. On this stroll, we found ourselves at the Palace of Fine Arts.

Here she is posing in her stroller. She is actually sleeping.

I will bring her back again and take more pics when she is awake and out of her stroller. The construction may also be done by then.

05 November, 2008

Red,white, & blue

If Matilda had a red,white, and blue outfit, she would be wearing it. For some reason, her wardrobe is predominately pink.

Mati was actually wearing brown this morning, but we took care of that.

04 November, 2008

Election 2008

Upon hearing the results of her first presidential election, Matilda celebrates.

13 weeks old + 1 day = 3 months old

Happy 13 weeks + 1 day = Happy 3 months old!

Matilda celebrates with a colorful ball for each month plus one for good luck.

These balls keep her entertained during diaper time, i.e., 8-10 times each day.

03 November, 2008


Couple weeks ago, our neighbors stopped by for a visit.

Mati was happy to meet them as you can see by her smile.

02 November, 2008

More on Halloween

Thanks to Matt for including me in a few of the Halloween shots.

Matt and I dressed up as a "Mom" and "Dad".

Pretty scary.

01 November, 2008


Happy Halloween! + 1 day! =
Happy November 1st!

Here are pics from Matilda's first halloweeny. Thanks to Grandma Shirley for the pumpkin costume and onesie.

We love the pumpkin beanie.

The giant pumpkin costume and her expression make it seem like she is being eaten by the pumpkin.