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29 January, 2012

Four tutus

More dress up, this time with four tutus and a tiara.

27 January, 2012

Clown show

And enjoying the clown show at the Golden Gate Library with George the Clown.


Back at the library checking out books.

Dress up

Matilda is excited to be a big sister. She loves making new games and dressing up. Today, four shirts, two socks, shorts, capris, and five pairs of underwear.

26 January, 2012

Red light district

Doing a little dance at our local pizza place under the red light of Za.

23 January, 2012


The cleaning continued lap-to-lap as Mati didn't like the big chair and bright light. Nonetheless, a successful cleaning.


Matilda's teeth. Her first full cleaning with fluoride.

22 January, 2012


On Princess Matilda's umbrella and hoodie.

17 January, 2012


All bundled up for school. On the bottom: tights, socks, pants, cozy pants, rain pants, rain boots. On the top: short sleeve, hoodie, pullover, fleece, raincoat, gloves, hat.

11 January, 2012


Over to the corner store.

08 January, 2012


On a summer-winter day.


At the playground in January. Beautiful winter day.

06 January, 2012

Two toothbrushes

Equals clean teeth and a beautiful smile.

01 January, 2012

Favorite photos

Now hanging on our wall.