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31 October, 2013

Cupcake and chips

Margot hands out treats on Halloween.

30 October, 2013

Levi & Margot

28 October, 2013


Fluttering around California.

25 October, 2013

Princess & Cupcake

Our little Nerd

According to the candy box. According to Matilda, she's a Princess.

23 October, 2013

Sunny October day

On our way to the bus stop.

20 October, 2013


First in one basket and then sorted for our new washer and dryer.

Chef Matilda

Making dark chocolate chip banana muffins.

19 October, 2013

Saturday morning


16 October, 2013

Self portrait

Matilda with boo boos on her knees.

New playground

With exercise equipment.

09 October, 2013

Pumpkins and patio

Margot plays with the window pumpkins while the patio is demolished.

07 October, 2013

Hidden Villa Farm

Chickens, pigs, and pumpkins.

Backyard demolition

Margot checks out the mess both inside and out.

06 October, 2013

Matilda's art

04 October, 2013

Local bookstore

Margot chooses a book at Kepler's.

Flowers and hats

After stopping to smell the flowers with Daddy, Margot realizes that she has forgotten something and runs back to grab her hat.

Four cream

No sugar, please.