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27 February, 2013

Super girls

Matilda says to Margot, "You have the power of taking and I have the power of giving."

26 February, 2013


Margot is having a nice morning playing.

24 February, 2013


With Cousin Mia, T, and Shaun at Lands End.


When you don't have a hat but do have a baby pair of pants. MacGyver would be proud.

21 February, 2013

Happy. Sad.

18 February, 2013

Which way?

17 February, 2013


The itsy bitsy spider

16 February, 2013

Mia & Mati

15 February, 2013

After breakfast

While Mati draws, Margot crawls around.

14 February, 2013

Hop, hop, hop

Goes the bunny on Valentines Day.

Happy hearts day!

Love, Margot

13 February, 2013

Breaking bread

Tossing bread.

Good morning

Matilda wakes Margot up in the morning by joining her in the crib.

11 February, 2013

Seal rock

At the Academy of Sciences.

Go fish

The girls watch the fish at the aquarium.

10 February, 2013

Us and the girls

At In & Out Burger and the park.

That's how we rock

That's how we roll

07 February, 2013


Mommy and Margot.

M&M in the morning